After working for many years as a business process consultant and project manager, I realised, that success within change processes are greatest through optimised interpersonal relationships and cooperation.

To look at the different horizons within business management, technology as well as sustainable customer support is for me the main key for successful business projects. At the same time/Meanwhile the customer is empowered to widen their professional horizon and increase their ability to deal with changes within their business projects in an innovative way. With this vision, I founded magellan GmbH in 2003.

From 2012 until 2016 my wife and I took a prolonged sabbatical and sailed from Croatia to Australia. During this trip, not only our two daughters were born, but also the idea to combine the services of magellan GmbH with the many experiences we have. Many topics and challenges that modern companies face nowadays, accompanied us during our sailing trip and were the driving factor for the reorientation of magellan GmbH.

  • Innovation and creativity were needed when something required fixing in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, or when more recent technologies started to replace the outdated one we had.
  • Planned sailing routes and defined tasks were subject to constant changes. Examples are weather changes, legislative adjustments, political fluctuations among others. To turn these changes into opportunities, it was important to stay agile and flexible.
  • To conquer oceans successfully, conflict- and communication management are mandatory qualities on any sailing boat crossing the open seas.
  • Without the ability of decision making we would still be waiting in the marina for the perfect day to leave, perfect boat condition, the perfect what-so-ever.
  • The division of roles with tasks, authority and responsibilities is required to perceive management tasks. If you first need to clarify who has to squeeze into the bilge to find the leak in the hull leads inevitably down to the depth...
  • Our vision “to discover the Pacific Islands” was clearly divided into missions from the beginning of our trip with distinct and measurable objectives so that we were able to always monitor and adjust our course.

All these themes influence our service and consulting philosophy within the reorientation process of magellan GmbH.